Ororo Munroe
is a character in the X-Men film series.
Real Name Ororo Munroe
Superhero Name Storm
Team The X-Men
Powers and Abilitys

Weather Control

Strike Lightning


Age late 30's or 40's
Gender Female
Actress Halle Berry
First Appearance X-Men
Latest Appearance X-Men: Days of Future Past


Born in 1980, Ororo Munroe finds herself alone with nobody to go to until Professor Charles Xavier comes to her and she goes with him.In 2000 Ororo, Jean Grey, Scott Summers and new comer Logan get into a battle with Magneto and his brotherhood.A year later, she meets a blue skinned mutant named Nightcrawler.Jean then dies and after she is resurected, Scott is killed to.Ororo, Logan, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake, Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin battle Magneto once again and Jean is bad no that she was resurected.Logan is forced to kill Jean.In 2023, Logan goes back in time and changes so much that Jean and Scott are alive again.

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